Ian - Godmanchester - 4th February 2017"Pilates has changed my life.  I rarely suffer from back pain now after years of chronic suffering and months off work,  not to mention many, many boxes of pain relief!  No need for drugs now, just one hour a week of Pilates and everything seems to have come together again like it was way back in 2007 before I hurt myself".

"I love this class. The group is small and friendly and Vicky makes us all very welcome and explains things clearly. I am not very sporty and usually I give up on exercise classes after a couple of weeks, but I have been coming for a year now which shows how much I like it. The moves are small but effective, which is great as I don't like getting sweaty. It is definitely toning my muscles as I can feel the effect 24hrs later! It's also great for calming and improving your mood - probably due to all that deep breathing."

Pat Anslow - Stilton, Peterborough - 21st August 2016

 "Having now attended Vicky's Pilates classes for 7 months, I can honestly say I feel more flexible and less 'creaky' plus I get a real buzz from the sessions and really miss them if I'm away. I've attended various classes where I've lived previously but Vicky's are easily the best. 

Vicky is friendly and helpful; she encourages us to achieve as much as we can but never pushes us beyond our limits, although she does like the word 'challenge'! She is a stickler for ensuring we are careful with our bodies and always suggests alternatives for those with problem areas.

Her pricing structure is very good and paying in advance offers an excellent discount.  I thoroughly recommend Pilates with Vicky - give it a try - you may well get hooked and feel so much better as a bonus."


 Sheila Hall - Yaxley 23rd July 2016

"I took up Pilates with Vicky in January this year and soon became a Pilates addict!  It gives me an amazing sense of well-being whilst managing a chronic autoimmune condition and after breaking the base of my spine in a riding accident I have even started riding again after 10 years which I can only put down to the strength I now have in my core and back. Your classes are both relaxing and fun but hard work at the same time 😁 Thank you for changing my life couldn't have achieved any of this without your great classes."
Sheila Hall x

 Jacqui Richmond - Brampton

"My name is Jacqui and I am 62 years of age.   I have been  going to  Pilates
with Vicky since April 2014. It has taken me a number of years to find
someone that would help me as I suffer with chronic back pain due to an
accident in May 1985 and Vicky was that person.  Without her support,
teaching and  encouragement I would not be  able to do the things that I now
am able to do.   Due to the nature of working with Pilates and strengthening
my core muscles I do not have to work my back  as hard to help my mobility.
I also have a metal plate in my foot but once again Vicky has helped me
adapt to this and also my well-being of able to once again be "normal" and
attend classes.  My thanks to Vicky for actually believing in me and
allowing  me on to join her classes  as I was classed as a "risk".  

"Pilates has given me a new  lease of life.  So whatever age you are don't
give up - there is always someone like Vicky  that is willing to help you
and join Pilates." 


Jane (Alconbury Weston)

"I have previously been regularly attending Pilates classes for more than 10 years now.  I can honestly say that I am much more mobile and have better flexibility than I have had for many years now since joining Vicky's classes.  Thank you Vicky!"


Judy (Godmanchester)

"I was new to Pilates and having some aches and pains in my lower back, so decided to give Pilates with Vicky a go! It was a wise move.  After more than a year of classes I have strengthened my 'core' and reduced significantly the pains I used to experience in my back. Classes also induce relaxation, and I always sleep better after a Pilates session.  Vicky is knowledgeable, approachable and adaptable and always ready to help and advise. Her classes are fun and enjoyable, and I am now a Pilates convert!"


Amanda (Godmanchester)

"I can highly recommend Vicky's Pilates classes.  After my Pilates teacher (who became a good friend) moved away from the area, for a few years I had not been able to find a class that made me feel both comfortable and safe.  After a couple of serious bouts of Sciatica, I knew I had to try harder to identify a class, hence enrolling with Vicky." 

"Apart from being a lovely person, Vicky is very professional in all respects.  She demonstratesbut also observes the exercises.  She provides alternative levels of many exercises andgently encourages you to find your own level of capability to gain maximum benefit.  Vicky alsovaries the routine each week, which keeps it interesting.  The classes are welcoming, relaxingand challenging in the right proportions."

"Vicky always strives to provide just the right environment - a variety of music at a suitable volume,  a cooling fan if it's warm, a heater if it's cold - and goes the extra mile with touches such as diffusing essential oils to further add to the experience.  In all, Vicky seems to really care."

"Thank you"


Karen (Peterborough)

"I look forward to Pilates with Vicky.  The class has not only improved my suppleness and flexibility, but it tones and provides excellent relaxation.  The stresses of the day just ebb away as I walk through the door and the feeling stays with you when you leave."


Louise (Godmanchester)

"Vicky has reintroduced me to Pilates.  She caters for all abilities and manages to keep each session fresh and fun.  I look forward to my weekly session with her"


Rosa - aged  61 (Yaxley, Peterborough)

"Having done 1 to 1 classes in the past, I have to say that I really am enjoying working in a group.  I cannot sing the Pilates praises enough, it frees up aches and pains that I thought I would just have to tolerate.  I am 61 years old and am more mobile now than when I was working with a personal trainer when I was 50!


Julie (Sawtry,Peterborough)

"I have been going to Pilates classes with Vicky for over a year now and still enjoy Vicky's invigorating yet relaxing class.  In over a year I can say that we have never had the same routine 2 weeks running. Vicky Lets you work at your own level and there is never any pressure.  Keep up the great work Vicky!!""


Judith (Huntingdon) Feb 2016

Vicky's Pilates classes are excellent with a great variety of Pilates movements to keep you engaged. You can work to your own level, challenge yourself and be able to feel your own improvements as you progress.  Vicky is a very professional Pilates tutor and makes each class very enjoyable with great music, chosen with care, this gives each class tres special!!